Or Do You Wish You Had It.

xXxAre You Gorgeous Baby...xXx
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Ok This Is Really Simple.
Either You Are Gorgeous.. Or You Just Aren't.

no hard feelings kids.
please don't get mad and pissy if you don't make the cut.
its life. just freaking deal with it without going off.

once you post obviously people would tell you yes or no.
and whatever else they would like to say.
and if you make the cut, yes to you and you
have been officially recognized as gorgeous!
and we're happy to have you. once you're
accepted don't stamp anyone. you don't have
that right. but by all means post and if you don't
think someone deserves to be in here.. let them down eaisly.

if in the event you don't make the cut. i'll just
expected you to be mature and leave. deal?

ok... with all that said and done.
here are things you can post about:
any thing that you feel the need to post about.

also new rules.:
1. please don't be harsh to anyone.. if you are automatic ban without warning.
2. please try to respect others views, don't rip em down for it. its not right.
3. have fun.
4. put in the subject as: i'm it.

oh and i don't care if you promote other communitys. just LJ cut the shit. i don't want
huge add banners every where.

other than that.. everyone enjoy. and have fun.

Favorite Color:
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?:
Favortie thing about yourself:
How'd you find the community:
Pictures(3-5)*CLEAR?*:plz put under LJ cut:

Random Shit I Put TOgether.
Humor Me
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Memory in life?:
Do You like to cause drama:
Favorite Food:
Views On Homosexuality:
Views On War:
Views On Catholic School Girls:
Views On Life?:
anything else you care to say:.
anything!, beauty, boys, brains, fantasies, food happiness, fun, kinkyness.., life, love, religion, sex, toys