meghano (meghano) wrote in ruxxxgorgeousxx,

what would u call this i have no clue....

Name: meghan o'leary
Age: 17
Location: cincinnati, oh
Favorite Color: uh...idk dark
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?: nope
why: bc i say so
Favortie thing about yourself: eyes?
How'd you find the community: u told me about it
Pictures(3-5)*CLEAR?* [anyone who posts nudes has balls and i dont mind]: plz put under LJ cut::::::

Random Shit I Put TOgether.
Humor Me.
Favorite Movie: disney ones
Favorite Memory in life?: April 12, 2003
Do You like to cause drama: nope
Favorite Food: smoothies
Music: rockish
Style: jeans and a t-shirt
Sexuality: stright
Views On Homosexuality: leave me go if thats there thing rock on
Views On War: FUCK IT and bush to
Views On Catholic School Girls: well i am one, sweet and innocent ::right::
Views On Life?: it blows then u meet the ppl that make it worth living
anything else you care to say:
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