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Name: Mary
Age: 18
Location: Fernley, Nevada
Favorite Color: Red, Pink, Blue, Black and Silver.
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?: Yes.
why: I think that everyone is Gorgeous. Just some are beautiful on the outside and some are gorgeous on the inside. I feel however that I contribute a little to both. I'm not perfect, but I am me.
Favortie thing about yourself: My eyes, and my personality.
How'd you find the community: Through: jodiesyourmasta

Pictures(3-5)*CLEAR?*:plz put under LJ cut:

Random Shit I Put TOgether.
Humor Me.
Favorite Movie: Riding in Cars With Boys.
Favorite Memory in life?: Graduating High School.
Do You like to cause drama: God no. I try to avoid it with all costs.
Favorite Food: Lasagna, and other pastas.
Music: Punk, Rock, Rap, R&B, Country, Italian, Alternative... everything.
Style: Punk, Street, Rockability, whatever I feel like long as it matches.
Sexuality: Mine? Bisexual. In General, something you should be careful with.
Views On Homosexuality: It's not who you love that matters, its that you are capable of loving them.
Views On War: It's neccissary in some cases, but not in all.
Views On Catholic School Girls: Never knew one, but I was a Christian School Girl once. So, if they are similiar, I dont like them. They seem to have to follow WAY too many rules. But their uniforms are very comfortable to me.
Views On Life?: Life life to it's fullest, every day like you would die tonight. That way you miss nothing, and you don't regret anything.
anything else you care to say:. I am a very cool person to talk to. If I make the cut, I do, if I don't...that's all right too!
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