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Name: taylor bradley
Age: 15
Location: arkansas
Favorite Color: black
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?: of course..unless im told otherwise
why: because im happy with myself and the person that i am.
Favortie thing about yourself: im finally happy w/ my hair..i guess thats my favorite physical thing and then im really openminded so i like that..
How'd you find the community: it was being promoted in a friends lj


Random Shit.
Favorite Movie: tie between alice in wonderland and 16 candles
Favorite Memory in life?: as of right now...first talking to patrick
Do You like to cause drama: if its an issue i have a strong opinion about then yeah
Favorite Food: tiger pops..if that counts as a food? haha
Music: emo/alternative/screamo/rock i.e...senses fail, rufio, fall out boy, underoath, cursive, the bled, beloved, classic case, our cure the rocketship, some coheed and cambria.but not any of the mainstream "punk" crap. coughsimpleplanandgoodcharlottecough
Style: i get plain shirts and iron on letters to make my shirts the way i want them..and i basically wear whatever i want w/ my converse that i love  [sorry...had to put the picture]
Sexuality: straight
Views On Homosexuality: 110% supportive of it. who your attracted to is who your attracted to. people are people no matter if they like girls, boys, or flying monkeys. its not anyones buisness to judge them. what they want to do in their personal life has nothing to do with anyone else.
Views On War: im incredibly anti-war so im totally against it. enough said on that one.
Views On Catholic School Girls: ummm dont really have an opinion?
Views On Life?: you never know when you could be gone so do anything and everything you can when it comes along..if you have to break the rules then break them. 
anything else you care to say: mm not really.

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