Jodie... (jodiesyourmasta) wrote in ruxxxgorgeousxx,

i'm it.

Name: Jodie
Age: 18
Location: Traverse City, Mi
Favorite Color: clear
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?: sometimes
why: because I'm special
Favortie thing about yourself: I have a crazy laugh
How'd you find the community: In girly girls
Pictures(3-5)*CLEAR?*:plz put under LJ cut:

Random Shit I Put TOgether.
Humor Me.
Favorite Movie: Edward Schisorhands
Favorite Memory in life?: When me, my sister, and my best friend T-Pd someones house, we put like 6 rolls of TP each up our sweatshirts, it was just soo funny looking
Do You like to cause drama: nope
Favorite Food: pizza

Music: Ben Kweller, Postal Service, YellowCard
Style: Comfy
Sexuality: Straight
Views On Homosexuality:I don't care what people do, whatever makes them happy
Views On War:Its scary and I don't like it
Views On Catholic School Girls:Oh I used to be one
Views On Life?:Its really cool sometimes, and then it really sucks, but its alright
anything else you care to say:Hi
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