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New!! :)

Favorite Color:Pink
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?:In a way I think I am but not as "gorgeous" as most. I think everyone is in some way though.
why:I think my personality makes me come off as confident and confidence to me is a sign of "grogeous-ness"
Favortie thing about yourself:Non-physical-my ability to handle whatever comes my way. Physically- my arms
How'd you find the community:DOM! cuz she rox! lol

Random Shit
Favorite Movie:Coyote Ugly, Just Married, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Old School, American Wedding, etc...
Favorite Memory in life?:When my family was actully together and it was me, my sis, mom and dad. Divorces suck sometimes
Do You like to cause drama:Yes I'm afraid I do.
Favorite Food:Hmm I dunno I'm a big health food junkie right now cuz I have been trying to keep in shape lately.
Music:anything and everything. I mostly listen to rap, rock, and pop but at work we listen to country cuz it's a steakhouse :/
Style:I will admit that I'm slutty at times. I like short shorts and tank tops and mini skirts, but I don't dress like that everyday. It varied with my mood.
Views On Homosexuality:I don't mind it @ all.
Views On War:ehhh I only support it if it's needed.
Views On Catholic School Girls:Fine with them as long as they don't force their religion on me.
Views On Life?:I'm enjoying it right now even though there are people trying to bring me down.
Anything else you care to say:hmmm.... nope!
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