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Name: Andrea Paige.
Age: 16.
Location: Hickory, North Carolina.
Favorite Color: I'll go with a tie of, of course Pink and Yellow.
Do you think you're GORGEOUS?: Of course babydolls<3
why: Well, the word just suits me inside and out but not in a conceited way...I have an awesome personality and I think thats a big part of it plus it's totally my favorite word:)
Favortie thing about yourself: I like my eyes.
How'd you find the community: Girly-Girls.
Pictures(3-5)*CLEAR?*:plz put under LJ cut:


I'm silly.


Yes, I'm a dork.

hehe, i dont know why there is a pineapple on my head:P

Random Shit I Put Together.
Humor Me.

Favorite Movie: 50 First Dates...my new all time fav!
Favorite Memory in life?: I don't know if I have one yet...I think it would seriously be, just every good moment I spend with my last love.
Do You like to cause drama: I basically live in a soap opera.
Favorite Food: I have a weakness for anything sweet...mmm, cheesecake<3
Music: I'm a Pop Girl...I go crazy for some Jessica Simpson. But I'm also into the Punk Rock thing too sometimes.
Style: Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, Forever 21...you get it?:)
Sexuality: I'm straight.
Views On Homosexuality: I love it. If they love eachother, then I think it's beautiful.
Views On War: I'm not all about it but I dont mind it either.
Views On Catholic School Girls: SEXY!...hehe<3
Views On Life?: Mines not going to great at the moment but I think once I pick myself up from my year and a half relationship that just got destroyed...I'll be okay.
anything else you care to say: MUAH<333
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